In case you haven't been on Instagram lately, I were just away in Florida and as much as I love the beaches, fun and days in the sun; packing for a tropic trip in the middle of winter isn't always easy.

Want to know how I prepped for vacay out of season? Check out what's in my beach bag and shop my go-to tropic products we scooped up from Amazon... 


I was OAUI excited to try this wave spray! After all the ranting and raving about it, I had to grab a bottle for myself and I can honestly tell you, it's worth every spritz. Who doesn't want natural beach waves when on vacay? They just don't always turn out that OAUI... am I right ladies? Give your hair a little help, use a few sprays of the OAUI's Wave Spray; Infused with rice protein, add hold and memory to your hair for that "just got out of the ocean" look!


If you know me at all, you know I'm so white I could probably glow in the dark. So when I'm going away (especially to Miami) prepping some colour is an essential part of vacay. I mean, no one wants to look like a tourist... am I right? Don't pull a Ross Geller! Try St. Tropez! It's perfect for when you're looking to get some natural colour fast & you can even do it from home! 

Use the Tan Enhancing Polish and Moisturizer to keep your tan looking natural and maximize all results. This lightweight, easy-to-apply Self Tan Bronzing Mousse dries in as little as 60 seconds. So throw your clothes back on and wait for a rich-bronze, streak-free tan!


Get ready to escape the snow and go sun bound... Keep cute and comfortable with Tilley hats; the TH8 Hemp Women's Hat is perfect for the beach. With it's broad brim and water-repellant fabric, this hat is sure to provide you with the ideal amount of protection no matter what mother nature's calling for. 

Want to know what else is in my beach bag? Find out here

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