Monthly Mayhem: Our "Lady Friend"

10th of August 2019

Late last night I got a surprise visit from the Period Fairy. Most women would agree that we hate seeing our period come but there is also a sweet satisfaction in knowing that it has arrived. No babies! In honor of my "lady friend" I am going to share with you something I look forward to receiving every month- my period box ;) Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge sucker for monthly subscriptions. I subscribe to Ipsy, Dollar Shave Club and now Monthly Gift. Co-Founder's Kimmy Scotti and LisaMarie Lawrence started the company essentially with one goal in mind, no more last minute runs for feminine products while also, "empowering women to take control of their health and have a ton of fun along the way." Monthly Gift cost as little as $10.00 per month. Think about it, that's almost one Venti Frappuccino and a slice of Iced Lemon Pound Cake from Starbucks. Well worth it in my opinion. This subscription box tracks your period so that you receive your most needed gems just in time, packed in a sleek black box. It is very user friendly and there is even a mobile app for the tech saavy babes! You start by choosing the products you use during your cycle (tampons, pads, liners), selecting your flow and finally, personalizing your mix...all done (if only our period were that simple). Not to mention there is a cute little treat, "Emergency Chocolate" added to this box of goodness and for every box that ships, a girl in need receives a donation. This month they even threw in a little something extra, Summer's Eve Mandarin Blossom Cleansing Cloths. Thanks to Monthly Gift, I can cross one more item off my shopping list at Target! So join the girl gang and #OwnYourPeriod. 

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