Bridal Consultant Diaries: Style Her & Wow Her

7th of August 2019

Back in 2015 I was recommended as a seasonal, Assistant Bridal Stylist at David's Bridal by an old friend. Soon I was promoted where I proudly wore the title, Bridal Consultant- no more running dresses for my counterparts and I had my very own book of appointments. Here is what I learned: One, you ARE the expert and present yourself as such. This means being properly educated on color combinations, fabrics, silhouettes, how to take measurements, choosing of undergarments, variety of veils, accessorizing and some knowledge on the ins and outs of wedding detailing is always a plus! Two, in this very special moment, the moment most girls dream about is where you become what I like to call HER Bridal BFF. Ask meaningful questions, ask the right questions. Your goal is to narrow down the selection as this process will not be a walk in the park, however, it should not be overwhelming either. I mean c'mon she already has enough on her plate deciding between floral arrangements, venue options, catering menus, finalizing guest, hotel accommodations and more. As most consultations last 60 minutes, you want to use your time wisely. Some questions to consider in the beginning of your meet and greet when getting to know your new BFF are how did she meet the love of her life? How does envision her big day? Is she a lacey lady, statement gal, more on the tradinational side, a southern belle or does she prefer simplicity? Another important question is the date of the wedding. The average lead time on ordering a wedding dress is 6 to 12 months- you also have to account for alternations. Keep in mind you may run into the bride-to-be who has no idea where to start, wanting to try on every single gown the boutique has to offer in company of her "entourage" IF you let her (this is where you take control). Three, find out her price point and who's paying because ultimately the wallet bearer will have influence and in some cases the final say so on the dress she chooses. You don't want to show a $2,500 gown when her budget is $1,500. Four, look the part! I cannot stress this enough. Would you trust a hair stylist with split ends and a bogus color job? I think not. Make sure you are well groomed, polished and stylish. She will feel more comfortable with you and trust your opinion when offering selections. Five, know the designers and collections your boutique has to offer. The biggest mistake you can make is having her wait because you don't know which dress to pick...remember, present yourself as the expert. The only way you can do this is by knowing your shit girl! If you really want to style her & wow her, listen and pay attention to her body language. What looks does she gravitate toward when walking around the shop? If she points out a dress and asks, "people actually buy that?", take a mental note and steer clear of anything that looks even slightly identical. She will ultimately tell you without telling you what she likes and doesn't like. This is not about you and what you think she would look good in. Now I don't mean to contradict myself but it is indeed okay to make recommendations. For example, "I know you have your heart set on a ballroom gown but with your figure you would look amazing in a drop drop waist, lets try both." You have acknowledged what she likes while still presenting yourself as the expert. In a nutshell, being a bridal consultant isn't for everyone. It takes time and patience and you may not get the sale right away. This is an investment and have no doubt she has appointments lined up with other boutiques- so WOW her! Make her want to come back to you because not only did you listen but you gave such an amazing experience you will be styling her bridesmaids, mother of the groom and flower girl! Her bridal party will love you before meeting you- be sure to keep tissues on hand because there is bound to be some tears. As her consultant you have taken the vow of making her look her absolute best! A pledge between you and your Bridal BFF to unify her with her soul-dress. Check out some of my daily ensembles during my short lived career as a bridal consultant. If you are considering entering the industry click here for a guide on choosing the perfect silhouette. XOXO! <3

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