Top 5 Digital Artists You Need to follow on Instagram RN

The art of cutting and mixing is not as easy as you think. Thanks to it’s visual nature, Instagram is the perfect social network for artists.  We’ve dug deep and gathered 5 INCREDIBLE digital artists whom you can follow for inspiration. The next time you log onto Instagram, make sure you follow these 5 artists who will liven up your feed and act as your social media muses.


The Boston-Based artist, Mike Parisella, otherwise known as Slime Sunday, designs trippy graphics and and offers a surreal style of visuals that are a view into an alternate reality. The otherworldly 3D creations uploaded to the artist's Instagram range from Colorful trips in an alternative and alien reality, to liquid textures and fluid forms.


Denis Sheckler is a digital artist from Moscow who Shares his aesthetic experiments that truly transform the art of portraiture. His favorite subject seems to be the female faces that never lose their sensuality but acquire mystery and, sometimes, strangeness. The elements of water, universe, the sky and stars, create a common sense among all his graphics, creating a debate between one face and another. 


LA-based artist Rannel Nguyuma is making waves on the internet with his surreal distortions of musical faces. The distortion he creates are something fantastical, taking the faces of beloved musical figures and shaping them into figures of a fantasy. From astros flying into Travis Scott’s face to sand pouring out of Jaden Smith’s eyes, Rangel’s dope portraits are truly out of this world. 


Sunsets, clouds, and pink hues is what people can’t stop sharing on Instagram. It is the digital artworks by artist David Stenbeck who is also known as Dovneon.  These artworks are minimal in design but the mood they create is what gives them so much attention and praise. The Swedish artist lets us enter a world made of matter, consumerism, and plastic, but at the same time - magic. 


Donna Adi is a creative director and digital artist from Los Angeles that has cultivated a recognizable form of art which helps brands connect with their audience while narrating a deeper story. Her clients include,  Michael Kors, Dior, Nike, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, and more. Today she runs a full commercial illustration business and continues to create vibrant illustrations. 

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