The Personality Behind The Artwork

23rd of September 2020

Hi! My name is Leo and I'm an illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist. You can find me on Instagram @leo.dicapricornn or check out my Flickr!

I've been on the creative path for many years, which eventually led me to the diverse capital that is London. My interests and approaches to art are definitely varied so being surrounded by so many people from so many walks of life feels like exactly the place for me. I have done a few courses (A Levels, Foundation, Ba in Graphic Media Design, which switched over to Illustration for Communication) and meeting and working with the people in my classes, or even the whole college, was easily the best part. I enjoy working in teams and bouncing ideas back and forth until we create something truly special!

For my personal work I tend to let myself experiment more. For coursework I have explored themes such as Time, Fluidity, Dreams and the Unconscious Mind. In my sketchbook I like to take these concepts even further. I like to think of storytelling and how elements such as line and colour can control the narrative. I often find the artistic process more interesting and believe that those first ideas, those rough sketches with less limitations, are equal to or greater than the refined final product. (I even did my final project for my Foundation course on this topic, which you could argue is hypocritical.)

There are still many things I want to explore in my art. Life truly provides constant inspiration both in our unique and universal experiences. I look forward to posting about and discussing with all of you here at BFROW all the different wonders this world has to offer. I have a lot of very interesting projects I am working on and I cannot wait to share all of them with you!

Here are a few examples of my work and if you are interesting in seeing more you can check out my Instagram!

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