Nice to meet you! I'm Emily, I'm from Los Angeles ( and currently based here) but just graduated from school in New York. In my free time you'll find me taking walks around my neighborhood, playing with my neighbor's corgi (Hi Izzy!) and animating scenes from my favorite movies

I currently work as a 3D character animator. Check out my demo reel here!

Scroll down for some screenshots from other animated projects I've worked on, as well as links to see more of my work. Be sure to visit my website for updates!

Gloom & Doom - Lego Hidden Side: llanelli  * please note I animated a few shots for this, not the entire thing * 

Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) from Killing Eve 

Still from my Thesis (coming soon!)

I also really enjoy drawing & painting, here's some of my work;

Orphan Black

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