My name is Annabel, and I'm the social media intern at BFROW! 

A Lil' About Me...

 - I recently graduated from the New School in New York where I designed my own curriculum. My declared major was with a B.S in Creative Marketing & Cultural Psychology.

- I'm a twin! Before you ask- no, we aren't identical. 

-I love tattoos, I consider them art that I carry with me everywhere. I think I have 25...

-I love to travel. I studied abroad in Dublin but every weekend left to go visit another part of Europe! I hope to live in Prague for a bit as well as London. 

What Did You Do Before BFROW? 

Since I was in college the past four years I've done a number of internships. Almost every form of marketing there is... Started in entertainment & production, shifted to publication & magazines, and most recently I interned for a small business called Artists & Fleas. Additionally, while doing an internship every semester, I also worked in events as well as my schools on-campus gallery. Oh, and when I came home during the summers I would work at the Hollywood Bowl! 

Why Do You Love BFROW?

As a recent graduate entering the workforce, I understand how vital it is to network and collaborate. When seeking a career in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. one of the main ways to get work is through who you know. It's very daunting to get your foot in the door, so I really appreciate what BFROW is doing. I love finding creatives and connecting with them to amplify each other's work, art, and general knowledge. I'm so excited to grow with BFROW both personally and professionally!

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