Hello To All You Beautiful Creatives

11th of January 2021

My name is Caitlyn D’Amico and I am an abstract painter currently living in Portland, Maine.  I am a second-year MFA student at Maine College of Art. I received my BFA in Painting with a minor in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  While attending Pratt Institute I exhibited in a group show titled R.E.M. and was in a collective at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute (Utica, NY).  I have had a love for paint and what artists are capable of doing with this medium since I was 5 and I continue to explore and experiment to challenge those potentials. 

Through painting directly on walls and repeating those shapes in wood, foam, or fabric, my work explores the effects of a particular arrangement of objects in space.  I enjoy bursts of bright color, twisting tubes and wires, and shiny fabrics.  In preparation for my thesis exhibition (May of 2021), I am exploring and researching how paintings exist in multi-dimensional pictorial planes that allow viewers to enter into a different physical and mental space.   

One of my most recent paintings, titled, "Things Are Looking Up", combines painting and sculpture into a unified creature. All of these artworks explore different mediums with the intention to expand the conversation around what they represent.  These were all created in 2020 during the pandemic and with fear lingering in all our minds I tried to find ways to express hope. 

My intention is to create ambiguous environments that appear both daunting, and fun!  They may represent something of a monster or creature but also evoke a sense of joy and wonder.  I try to challenge different ways of looking at art, shifting the perspective causes a viewer to reestablish their assumptions.  It also poses people to think about what your relationship is to the object presented- and ultimately to the world. I see us all as small beings constantly being tested and I think it is important to remember that as things are progressing, they will get better, that there is hope. Better days are yet to come and whatever form of fear you may have, try to shift your perspective. 

Here is my instagrahttps://www.instagram.com/caitlynmdamico/

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