Everything you need to know about the cast of 'Euphoria'

Euphoria follows a group of high school students as they navigate drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship. The series also stars Zendaya, Storm Reid, Algee Smith, Angus Cloud, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, and Angus Cloud. Creator Sam Levinson told The Hollywood Reporter, “It's a good insight into how hard it is to grow up in this time." 

Though the cast is exceptionally talented at their roles, who are these people in real life?

Zendaya (Rue)

Zendaya plays the role of a 17-year-old named Rue, who returns home from rehab with no plans to remain clean, and strikes up a companionship with the new young lady in town, Jules. Whereas being an addict with anxiety attempting to explore her way into adulthood, Zendaya plays fabulously in the role even if her performance has, at the slightest, been overshadowed by the show’s instant notoriety.

Mature beyond her years, she’s handled the spotlight beautifully, inspiring many on her rise to stardom. Zendaya is redefining standards of what it means to be authentic and ‘do you’ in an often-too-perfectly-curated social media world. 

Storm Reid (Gia Bennett)

Gia is Rue’s supportive younger sister who still looks up to Rue despite her addiction. Reid recently posted a video of herself years back on the red carpet where she immediately named Zendaya when asked who her favorite actress is. It seems that Reid knows that her outstanding role is more than just coincidence. In the caption for the video, she praised herself and the universe for allowing things to work out in her favor. 

At only 15 years old, Storm Reid already has an impressive resumé. Not only has Reid embraced her time in the spotlight, she also has the intelligence and gratitude to recognize her platform. Aside from her incredible role in Euphoria, what is most impressive about this young actor is her enthusiasm for inspiring young people with her work.


Angus Cloud (Fez)

To date, Angus Cloud only has one credit as a professional actor. For his breakout role, he plays Fezco– a high school dropout drug dealer, who has a heart of gold. His character is essentially the one responsible for supplying recovering addict Rue with the drugs that land her in life-threatening circumstances, except that some of the rawest moments of the series are shared with Fez.

Like Zendaya, Angus graduated from the Oakland School for the Arts. The Oakland native was scouted by casting directors on the streets of New York to join the series, and decided to take the opportunity and audition.


Jacob Elordi (Nate Jacobs)

We all love when an actor puts all into his role, right? Nate is a football player and is also known as the school’s bully in the series who has an estranged relationship with his father Cal and a complicated relationship with his girlfriend Maddy. 

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Elordi was fascinated with the world of acting since childhood. Elordi quickly rose shot to fame for his role in the Netflix film, The Kissing Booth. Jacob became an overnight star following the release and success of the film. His social-media following soared, and he became a national hero. 

Who is your favorite character from this hit series and why? We're tryna see somethin'...

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