Comikid E-Man on the Scene!

29th of September 2020

What's up world, My name Comikid E-Man. I'm a digital and traditional artist and I love creating. I've been creating since I was 8 and fell in love with it since. The love and passion I have for creating grows deeper every day. I learned how to paint when I got to high school. By the time I got to college, I learned graphic design and fell in love with it. I'm open to working with anybody in any industry.

I would work on my own projects outside of class and even get commissions from classmates that needed work done. With all that I learned, I used it to launch my media company Slacktivist Visions a digital media agency that brings visions to life for businesses, brands, and individuals across all industries.  I also have an online store with designs that I made. You can scroll down to see some of my work. Everything else is on my website.

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