5 Drive-in Movie Theaters in the LA Area

2nd of July 2020

Fourth of July is usually the most summery moment of the season. But with beaches closed, firework shows cancelled, and restaurants and bars closed again, we all are asking ourselves: WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH MYSELF THIS WEEKEND? 

We think this is the perfect excuse to hit the drive-in theater for some socially-distant fun. So here are 5 drive-in theaters in the LA area, and check our IG for some drive-in inspo so you can turn your outing into an insta-worthy moment!

1. Rose Bowl Stadium 

Announced Via Tribeca Films a few weeks ago, the Rose Bowl has officially opened its doors for a drive-in theater experience. We don’t know what the inside will look like yet, but we. are. ready. Find out more here

2. Mission Tiki 


Mission Tiki is a long-time favorite of Angelenos. Located in Montclair, it shows both classics and new releases. Don’t forget to check out their swap meet as well!

Find out more here

3. Paramount Drive In Theaters

At ($10) per person, Paramount is the best bang for your buck. And if that wasn’t already amazing, they also exclusively show new releases!  

4. Vineland Drive in 

This drive-in has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR screens. Showing the perfect mix of new and old films, Vineland has you covered no matter your mood. Buy tickets here

5.Van Buren Drive in theater

Though a little further outside of LA, the Van Buren Drive-In has the largest offering of new releases we’ve seen.   Learn more at their website 

Know of any others? Let us know! 

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