10 Black Creatives Whose Work We're Obsessing Over

16th of June 2020

BIPOC creatives aren’t asking for a seat at the table, they’re making one. At BFROW, we believe in amplifying creativity and stand behind the idea that a diverse selection of people sitting at decision-making tables contributes to the innovation of ideas, different perspectives and the added value that allows us to connect and learn together. In this post, we’re highlighting the work of some insanely talented Creatives from different industries whose talent and vision remain unmatched.


Idara is a photographer based in Arizona, whose work centers on conveying emotions through artistic portraits that play with art, fashion, and nature. Each photo draws you in. 


Paula is a Creative Director and Writer who will pleasantly surprise you with her various use of ideas she’s used for projects done for different brands and people. 


Trent is a Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer, and Art Dealer with a sharp eye for scenes with a magical air to them. Follow him for far-from-the-standard inspiration to help you showcase your own work. 


Tatiana is an LA-based Stylist who is attributed to adding bold and extraordinary looks to a variety of artists and people in the industry. 


You should be watching Mel Reneé Leamon. Her masterful use of color and volume makes fashion feel as it should — fun. 


Qiana Roberts is a Los Angeles Based Fashion Stylist and Costume Designer who knows how to put together an effortlessly cool looking outfit that makes you want to snag it for your own wardrobe. 


Justin P. Etienne is a Fashion Designer who specializes in pants, but they’re not just your regular pants. Justin takes ordinary pants and gives them a fresh twist. Just take a look for yourself. 


Follow Bellina, a Freelance MUA and Fashion Designer for her stunning makeup looks and fashionable cuts that will inspire you to bring in some style and creativity to your work. 


If you live for stylish and refreshing clothing, you’ll find the most alluring hand-made pieces by visiting Clayson’s Profile. Don’t forget to tap that follow button! 


Brian is a Photographer Based in Kenya who is a master in photography, using simple light and shade to create iconic portraits and lifestyle photos. 

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