29th of May 2020

Face masks are the number one topic these days. Even though businesses have started to reopen, face masks will remain mandatory in most States as a preventative measure. A lot of creative businesses have turned their manufacturers into face masks factories and that is because of the increased demand for good, and most importantly reusable face coverings. In this post, I've selected one of my personal favorite, stylish masks that are also reusable and sustainable. I also want to make it clear that these masks will protect you to a certain degree, but they are not considered to be medical masks.

1. Cotton Citizen - This double-layered cotton face mask is so on-trend. The tie-dye pattern comes in different colors but my personal favorite is the blue and white combo. It is made in the USA and available at $28. You can buy it here.

2. Allure x Anywear - A set of three face masks all made out of a 100% organic tetra fabric. Very comfortable, especially during the upcoming warm weather season. Great value for three masks at $40 is available here.

3. The Mighty Company - The parent and kid duo is so fun and fashionable. I am absolutely in love with the sequins that are attached to the stretchy fabric that makes this face mask super comfortable to wear. The great thing about buying one of these masks is that the company will donate one mask to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles for every mask that's been purchased. What a way to do good and feel good. The price is $40 and you can purchase it here

4. MINNA - This face mask is made out of waste materials which makes it completely sustainable. The design for the masks might vary because of its one-of-a-kind nature. However, the simple and minimalist style makes for a great stylish facemask. Price $15. Purchase here

5. Alice & Olivia - This face mask is made for the real fashionistas out there. The print is so fun and the construction of the mask allows for adding a filter between the double layers. $10 - Buy here

6. Heroine Sport - While this mask might not be your first choice for everyday use, it is definitely a winner for a night out. It comes in a pack of three separate masks that are great for sharing with your friends for a fun night out. If this is our new reality, let's make it fun at least. Price $36. Buy here

7. Etsy - I personally love the color availability of this face mask. The satin fabric makes this face mask soft and gentle on your skin. If you love nude tones like me, this face mask is the perfect match for you. Price $31.95 - Buy here

8. Profound -  This bandana print face mask is great for the street-wear influenced fashionistas. I personally own one of these and I always get compliments on it.  Price $25 - Buy here

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