Best affordable Casio Watches for Men

24th of September 2020

Casio was founded in 1946 by Tadao Kashio. The company is known for producing numerous electronic gadgets. These gadgets include electronic calculators, electronic musical instruments, digital cameras and watches (analogue & digital).

The company started with manufacturing of electromagnetic calculators using solenoids. Unlike other calculators which were using a keypad that has 9 keys for each digit (1 to 9), Casio invented 10-key number pad calculator.

Later, they spread their business and started manufacturing other affordable electronic gadgets such as electronic keyboards, electronic musical instruments, cameras with LCD and other home electronic appliances.

In the 1980s, the company entered in the watchmaking industry. The company was popular because of its affordable high-quality electronic devices, but gained its position in the market and became well known for its innovative and variety of wristwatches.

Casio was the first company to manufacture quartz watches. The first electronic watch introduced by Casio was Casiotron with LCD which is now categorized as a vintage watch. It could display the time of different zones of the world along with the calendar and known to have equipped with alarm feature.

Casio is a well-known brand not only in Japan or the UK but around the globe. It had gained its popularity worldwide. Now the company offers a wide range of products with extraordinary and amazing features. Few of them are G-SHOCK, BABY-G, OCEANUS, PRO TREK, EDIFICE and SHEEN.

Casio has such amazing designs that not only common people but celebs and high profile people to love wearing and flaunting their watches.

Let's dig deeper into a few of my favourite mens affordable watches:

Casio Sports Runners Watch

The Casio runners watch has a long-lasting battery with amazing features like the front button, activated stopwatch with the memory of 60-lap and distance calculation. The watch has beautiful designs and looks as attractive as its functions are.

Apart from this, it has a countdown timer, time format of 12 & 24, daily 4 alarms, auto calendar and long-life battery up to 10 years.

Casio Memory Calculator Databank Watch series

It is the world's first phone dialer watch series. An amazing series that is designed and manufactured by Casio. It allows data storage and has an inbuilt calculator with a standard feature of a digital watch. 

The model also allows for a selection of multiple languages as per users' convenience. 

Casio Vintage Gold Dial Men's Watch

The Casio has expertise in making men's watches. These exquisite watches have traditional style along with unique and sophisticated design. The stunning timepiece collection has a digital display with resin case material and stainless steel strap. Flaunt these beautiful vintage watches on special occasions and gatherings.

Casio Standard Digital Collection

The Casio standard digital collection has features like- water-resistant up to 50-meter, daily alarm, LED backlight with a battery life up to seven years and an annual calendar. 

You will find all these collections at Give and Take, the UK based online shop at the best price. They stock an array of Casio watches for men. Browse your style at an affordable price.

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