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Influencer, Model, Artist, Journalist
United States, Monmouth Junction
I am a girl who loves to write, draw, type scripts, paint, design and many other creatives
Influencer, Entrepreneur, Accessories Designer, Artist
United States, New York
Co-founder Creative Director Jewelry Designer Human being most of the time
Influencer, Model, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Stylist
United States, New York
My name is King Britt. I'm a NY based stylist, fashion/beauty blogger, and content creator. I graduated from the Fashion Institute with my bachelor's degree. Since then, I’ve worked as a stylist and a visual merchandiser for various fashion brands and companies. I started my blog kickitwiththeking to showcase my unique fashion style, in 2015 and it has grown into a platform for me to express myself through various mediums.
Lei Phillips
I’m Lei Phillips and I'm a Los Angeles Photographer. I look for my muses and capture them in their moment. Whether it is in the city, rural areas, beaches, or in their lifestyles self imaginary in these moments should be taken in style. I got my start as a Model, later as a Stylist, and now a Photographer. You can find my most recent work on IG @LeiPhillips.
Entrepreneur, Blogger, Artist, Product Designer
United States, Indianapolis
I am a multi-medium creative artist. I am available for freelance and collaberations. Feel free to contact me! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Christina Lauren Pollack
Influencer, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Fashion Writer, Journalist
United States, Carmel
Since 2011, Christina has been the lifestyle blogger, digital content creator, social media influencer behind Inspirations & Celebrations. She has also been a model (appearing in print ads), a published contributing writer for several magazines and an style presenter. Prior to this, she was a Co-Founder & Angel Investor in a global music industry tech startup, and has managed a multi-million dollar consumer products manufacturing company for over 20 years. She has been featured in 3 books, and has appeared on television, in magazines, and on sites like,, The Huffington Post, and more.
Photographer, Event Organizer, Creative Assistant, Stylist, Artist
United States, Charleston
I am a multi-hyphenate creative who brings creative concepts to life! Since I was a kid I've been training in theater, set design, creative writing, dance, styling, video production, costume design, you name it. Now that those childhood accomplishments don't really count anymore, I am trying to channel my talents into paid work. I want to be the person someone calls when they need anything creative done. That and creating concepts for music videos lol. My art doesn't always have a purpose. I'm a rule breaker, a push-the-buttoner. In a world where everyone wants you to have a niche, I refuse to comply.
Illyana Bocanegra
Illyana Bocanegra is a queer, nonbinary, latinx person co-creating with individuals and organizations as a UX designer and video maker in Austin, Texas. They grew up in the lower Rio Grande Valley in a small city called McAllen, Texas. They studied communication with a focus on documentary filmmaking and journalism at St. Edward’s University. Illyana lives with their partner in a small house with many, many plants. They like: building things, basketball, friendship, playing guitar, and listening to stories.
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