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Jonathan Davis
Designer, Artist, Director, Producer, Media & Publications
United States, Jupiter, Florida
Video Producer and 3D Character Animator translating ideas for Clients one story at a time.
Samantha is a 30-something wife and mother of three. She started her blog in 2011 as a way to cope with her husband deploying to Afghanistan. What started as a hobby has now become her full-time job. She has created a community of women all over the world who look to her for advice, inspiration, and most importantly, a glimpse into a “real” mom doing the best she can. Samantha prides herself on being open and honest with her audience and sharing the ups and downs of life. No one is perfect, and she will never pretend to be. Samantha features content centered around affordable and practical fashion, parenting tips and experiences, solo and family travel, home decor and inspiration, and more!
Caitlyn D’Amico is an abstract painter living in Portland, Maine where she is attending Maine College of Art as a second-year MFA student. She received her BFA in Painting with a minor in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. While attending Pratt Institute she exhibited in a group show titled R.E.M. and at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute (Utica, NY). Through painting directly on walls and repeating those shapes in wood, foam, or fabric, her work explores the effects of a particular arrangement of objects in space. She enjoys bursts of bright color, twisting tubes and wires, and shiny fabrics. In preparation for her thesis exhibition (May of 2021), she is exploring how paintings exist in multi-dimensional pictorial planes that allow viewers to enter into a different physical and mental space.
студент 4 курса - реставратор архитектуры. повышение квалификации - переводчик в сфере профессиональной деятельности. ищу новые полезные знакомства и интересную подработку, для пополнения портфолио.
Designer, Product Manager, Shoe Designer, Product Designer
United States, Turlock
Looking to work with people focusing on the future of the fashion industry. Renovating how we design, manufacture, present, and interact with fashion to build the future of the industry, one that leverages the technology to increase the positive impact on the world.
Influencer, Model, Artist, Journalist
United States, Monmouth Junction
I am a girl who loves to write, draw, type scripts, paint, design and many other creatives
Influencer, Entrepreneur, Accessories Designer, Artist
United States, New York
Co-founder Creative Director Jewelry Designer Human being most of the time
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