#QUARANTINETIME free webinar from Kelly Robinson

Mon, Mar 23  -
Fri, May 1 GMT-7
By BFrow Official @bfrow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Mon, Mar 23  -
Fri, May 1 GMT-7

As we are now spending more time inside our homes, let international workplace designer, Kelly Robinson, help you find simple home office design that can uplift your mood and create balance with others in your household.


Apply for a free 90-minute design support session via Zoom with international workplace designer and feng shui practitioner, Kelly Robinson.

Understanding how to best arrange our environment to enhance the quality of our life is an ancient art. During the COVID-19 pandemic, as we are suddenly spending significantly more time inside our homes, how we relate to our space has never been more important. Simple design changes in our home environment can create significant improvements to our mood, our relationships, and our mental, emotional, and physical health.

On your call, Kelly will guide you toward making shifts in your home aimed to:

  1. Support feelings of calm, centeredness, and clarity
  2. Deepen the appreciation and love you have for your living space
  3. Support productivity and ergonomic health in the transition to working from home
  4. Creating better balance between couples, or keep the peace between between housemates
  5. Prioritize healthy ritual, intimacy, sleep, physical health, and pleasure

Our inner world —mental, emotional, spiritual — and our outer world —connection to earth, environment, home — are deeply connected. It is an infinite feedback loop. Our lives are greatly enriched when we love our homes, and this, like any relationship, requires that we tend to them properly. For free design support, apply below:

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