Foam-Free Flower Wall and Hanging Installation with Juan Villanueva of Villanueva Designs

Sat, Apr 11, 10:00 AM  -
4:00 PM GMT-7
By BFrow Official @bfrow
FlowerSchool Los Angeles, 223 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
Sat, Apr 11, 10:00 AM  -
4:00 PM GMT-7

In this course, students will learn the benefits and mechanics of a building sustainably-focused installations, which will appeal to eco-conscious brands and clients. Together with Juan, students will create a foam-free flower wall in the morning followed by a foam-free hanging installation in the afternoon.  As customer awareness grows and concerns for our environmental health becomes a driving force for progress, learning how to maximize sustainability is an ever growing and essential skill to learn. Through Juan’s guidance, each student will participate in the conceptualization and realization of these trendy floral creations.

Juan M. Villanueva, is a second-generation florist from South Texas, who for the past 10 years, has successfully served Manhattan and its surrounding areas, as the city’s best kept floral design secret. Having studied fine arts at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Juan and his company bring an experienced artistic touch to all their projects. They specialize in private client, trade shows & corporate galas but are equally known for their indoor/outdoor urban gardens. On his journey, he has had the privilege of working with A-list celebrities, titans of industry, world-renowned interior designers, premier fashion houses & amazing humanitarian organizations.  The team at Villanueva Designs excels at learning and understand the individual needs of their clients and applying their expansive knowledge to help them in the most efficient ways possible. Juan says, “I have to admit that I do take pride in being the secret Manhattan florist, that people in the know call when they need that special floral & fauna touch for their own projects or clients.”  If you share in Juan’s passion for flowers, plants and design you can keep up with Villanueva Designs and their current projects on Instagram @villanuevadesigns 

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