Floral Photography & Content Marketing with Jamie Jamison

Fri, Mar 20, 10:00 AM  -
4:00 PM GMT-7
By BFrow Official @bfrow
FlowerSchool Los Angeles, 223 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
Fri, Mar 20, 10:00 AM  -
4:00 PM GMT-7

Photographs of floral designs can often be the only record of a beautiful design or concept. In this workshop students will learn:

  1. Marketing & Branding 101
  2. Traditional vs. Content Marketing
  3. How to Write a Press Release
  4. Social Media Engagement, Strategic Plan & Vision
  5. How to take a professional still life photo
  6. How to make a good photo GREAT

In the morning students will learn Marketing and Branding 101 including the four C’s of marketing; traditional vs content marketing; public relations and press releases. Students will also learn the value of a creative vision and strategic plan to power market engagement through clear, accurate messaging. Focusing on social media outreach, Jamie will demonstrate how to connect with real followers through captions, collaborations and hashtag strategy.

Following lunch, students will learn hands-on Iphone photography methods for social media. This will include equipment add-ons to make your photos pop, tips and tricks to make a good photo great, editing software and more. Each student will have the opportunity to shoot their own photos utilizing props, backgrounds and linens to enhance the image and post their image to Instagram using the social media tools learned in the morning.

Photo by @alajamie

Jamie Jamison lives in Youngstown, Ohio and Chautauqua, NY.  Jamie is a natural light and still-life photographer with a passion for flowers, vintage finds and handmade treasures. As an Instagram Influencer, she connects with other floral enthusiasts and has inspired people throughout the world with her uplifting photos and her hashtag #petalsandprops has received over 264k tags! Jamie’s work extends beyond floral photography as she shares her marketing, communication, and photography experience with businesses.  She is a social media content manager and provides Instagram coaching, photography and styling for businesses as well works as a brand partner with several national companies. Jamie is a communication Instructor at Youngstown State University and was awarded the 2019 Part-Time Teaching Excellence Award. She was a featured speaker at DOYO Live, YSU Brown Bag Series and the Youngstown Incubator Women Entrepreneur Program. Her work has appeared in Somerset Life, Bella Grace Magazine, Somerset Digital Studio, Somerset Memories, Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio Gallery, Somerset Apprentice, and the Torpedo Factory Target Gallery.   Jamie teaches the Floral Photography and Content Marketing course at FlowerSchool.

Instagram: @alajamie

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