Digital Beauty Influencer Conference: Brunch, Panels, Workshops, & Seminars

Sun, Mar 15 2020, 9:00 AM  -
2:00 PM GMT-7
By BFrow Official @bfrow
Beverly Hills Marriott 1150 S. Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90211 United States
Sun, Mar 15 2020, 9:00 AM  -
2:00 PM GMT-7
$99 - $225

GET PAID for your Posts!! Whether you're an IG model, artist, actor, stylist, athlete, or traveler this Influencer Conference is for you!

About this Event

FINALLY!! GET PAID for your Posts!! Workshops for delivering the relevant content, increasing your #Followers, and securing engagement. You'll be equipped with the branding and marketing tools you'll need for Digital Beauty Influencer $ucce$$!


  1. Increases Your #Followers
  2. Leverage Beauty, Travel, Nutrition, Health for Branding & Marketing
  3. Effective Imaging for Increasing Follower Engagement


  1. Brand Collaborations
  2. Becoming a Brand Ambassador
  3. Pitch Conversions
  4. Price-points, Flat Rates, Affiliations

Professional Headshots

* Building Your Personal Brand

* Attract Product Brands


  1. Influencer Marketing
  2. How-to land a Brand Deal
  3. Establishing Uniform Price-points / Flat Rates (CPAs, CPMs, CPIs, CTAs)
  4. Incentivize your Brand Client

Workshop Topics:

* Increase Your # Followers

* Establishing Uniform Price-points

* Building Your Personal Brand

* The Relatable Influencer

* Become a Brand Ambassador

* Writing Relevant Content

* Peer Recommendation Reviews

* Creating relevant #HashTags, Captions, Videos

* Specialized self-care for various hair textures, types, lengths, and skin tones

* Best Practices and Procedures

* IGTV, Stories, Videos, & Memes

* Nutrition & Health for Beauty

* Sentiment Comments on Your Posts

* Body Sculpting and Medical Contouring

* Branding, Marketing, Conversion Rates

* Follower Engagement

Workshops and Seminars presented by key Social Media Digital Promoters and Beauty Influencers:










Conference Take-a-ways: Workshop Binder with Seminar Folios on the key topics for Social Media Beauty Influencer effectiveness.

Influencer Expertise Seminars:

BEAUTY: Hair, Skin, & Nail Care

HEALTH: Nutrition, Hydration, & Fitness

GET PAID!: Price Points, Branding, & Marketing

RRRRRules of Engagement: Recruit, Reel-in, Retain, Relevance, and Relatability

SYNERGIZE: Collaborating with other Influencers

Exclusive VIP Tickets

VIP ticket offers over $950 in Special Services!

Each VIP ticket includes:

* FREE Professional Headshots ($250 value)

* Full Beat Face Makeup ($125 Value)

* FREE Valet Parking ($50 value)

* FREE Massage ($40 value)

* FREE Manicure ($40 value)

* Social Media Management Signing ($50 value)

* Conference Tote Bag ($45 value)

* Customized Event Folios ($65 value)

* Custom Workshop Binder ($75 value)

* 5 Beauty Influencer Books ($125 value)

* All You Can Eat Sunday Brunch Buffet ($75 value)

* Unlimited Drinks ($40 value)

* Reserved Seating ($25 value)

Sunday Brunch Menu

Italian Frittatas: Kale, Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, & Parma

Plant-based Breakfast "Meats"

Redskin Breakfast Potatoes: Tri-colour sweet Peppers & Onions

Thai Coconut Curry with Tofu and Vegetables

Jasmine Brown Rice

high-Protein Quinoa

Scrambled Tofu

Roasted Vegetables: Asparagus, Portobello Mushrooms, Eggplant, Zucchini, Peppers, and Heirloom Tomatoes

fresh-cut Fruits

fresh Organic Salads

naturally-sweetened Desserts

Regular admission ticket has over $270 in services! Ticket includes:

* Seminar Folios ($50 value)

* Workshop Binder ($55 value)

* 5 Beauty Influencer Books ($125 value)

* Sunday Brunch Buffet ($75 value)

* UNLIMITED Drinks ($40 value)

* General Seating ($20)

* 50% OFF Social Media Manager Signing ($25 value)


Writing Relevant Content

Creating Photo Captions that Generate 100's of great "Sentiment Comments"

Income from Your 1st post as a Beauty Influencer will cover the cost of our highest priced VIP ticket! As either a Mega-, Macro-, Micro-, or Nano-Influencer you can achieve financial success as a Social Media Beauty Influencer.

Conference Takeaways:

* Professional Headshots

* Exhibitor: Give-a-Ways, Door Prizes, Booth Samples, and Gifts

The Relatable Influencer

* how Brands will notice You, work with You

* Writing Reviews for Peer Recommendations

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