Cyanotype Printing with Crave Workshops

Sun, Mar 29, 1:00 PM  -
3:30 PM GMT-7
By BFrow Official @bfrow
FlowerSchool Los Angeles, 223 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
Sun, Mar 29, 1:00 PM  -
3:30 PM GMT-7

Learn how to “Paint with the Sun!”

In this workshop we will use sunshine to make images on paper. We will guide you through the process of making cyanotype photograms, one of the oldest forms of photography that doesn’t use a camera. Participants will learn how to prepare paper with light sensitive chemicals, compose images using a variety of objects and materials including fresh botanicals, and develop the prints in the summer sunshine! Each student will receive 3 pieces of 8×10 paper which may be cut into as may pieces as desired.  These prints will not only be inspired by nature, they will also incorporate the forms and shapes that make these objects so beautiful. Once you know this process, it allows for infinite possibilities!

Agnes Pierscieniak is a designer, artist, and teacher in Playa Vista. Agnes is passionate about travel, meeting people and making things. She received her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design studying design and interdisciplinary arts. She has continued to travel the world in search of art, studying under master craftsmen in Morocco, India, Japan and Mexico. With Crave Workshops, she has built a local community hosting art workshops, retail pop-ups and corporate events. She inspires human connection through hands on art experiences. She believes in curiosity, creativity and empowering everyone through art.

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