Bridal Styling & Business Building

Mon, Mar 9 2020, 9:00 AM  -
3:00 PM GMT-7
By BFrow Official @bfrow
Hello Gorgeous Beauty Bar 1452 West 9th Street Upland, CA 91786 United States
Mon, Mar 9 2020, 9:00 AM  -
3:00 PM GMT-7
$125 - $250

Whether you are just beginning your bridal styling journey, or looking to level up your bridal styling game, this class is for you.

About this Event

Build your bridal business with the information from this class. The demo-only portion will allow you to watch Alisha create 3 of her signature styles. From prep work to finish work, extension application to tips on fine hair.. this class is all inclusive. You will leave fully prepared to recreate these bridal styles, and many more, with ease. Alisha will share how she has built, and rebuilt, her bridal business. She will also go in depth about how she uses social media to build relationships with brands and keep her business thriving.

The hands-on portion of this class will allow you to bring a live model (or a mannequin if you choose) and practice any, or all, of the looks shown in the demo portion of the class. Alisha will be readily available to assist you with any techniques and answer any questions you may have. The hands-on portion will be limited to 10 stylists.

Hands-On Kit List:

1 1/4” curling iron

Flat Iron

Tail Comb

Clear Elastics

Bobby pins

Medium Hold Hairspray (Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13)

Spray Wax (Kenra Air Grip Spray 5 or Redken Wax Blast)

Texture Spray (Kenra Dry Texture Spray 6)

Volume Powder (Kenra Dry Volume Burst 3)

Pomade (Kenra Platinum Working Wax 15 or Whipped Taffy)

Strong Hold Hairspray (Kenra Volume 25)

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Organizer: Alisha Jared
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